Cop Writes 8 Words to Pregnant Teen Waitress on Bill, Dad Posts Viral Response on Facebook


In a society where police are constantly getting a bad rap for abuse of power or misconduct, New Jersey father Brian Cadigan wanted to make it a point to praise one officer in particular who went far beyond his call of duty to bless his daughter.


“You always hear about how bad the police are, how they treated you like dirt, how they are on a power trip,” Cadigan wrote on Facebook. “Yes I am sure there are some bad apples, but most of them are just doing their jobs, they deal with the worst of society every day and have to keep going back [every day] and deal with it all over again. They risk their lives each day just to do their job, of trying to enforce the laws that they didn’t make.”

Cadigan continued to explain that most police are merely “humans” who are doing the best they can to navigate stressful and dangerous situations to protect their communities. They are people with feelings, families, and lives just like the rest of us, and many of them have the biggest of hearts for those they serve.

And no officer could have exemplified that better than the man who his pregnant daughter recently waited on at their local diner. 

In a Facebook post that quickly went viral, Cadigan shares the heartwarming story:

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“Most of the good stuff [the police] do you will never hear about, they don’t do it for glory or recognition, they do it because they are good people. And I wrote this post to point out one such act[.] My Daughter is a waitress at a local diner, she is also 7 months pregnant and working still to save as much money as she can, this will be her first child and she is so excited, she is always cheerful at work, so she has alot of regulars, but this was not one of them.

Yesterday she was working the lunch shift when a Voorhees Twp police officer came in, he was pleasant, and had his lunch by himself, and asked for the check. My daughter gave him his check, and moved on to wait other tables, the officer went to the cashier and paid his bill, and left a note on the bill for my Daughter, this officer, who I am sure works his butt off for his paycheck left her a $100 tip on a $9.00 ticket and the note simply said ‘Enjoy your first, You will never forget it.’


What a wonderful person to not only leave a VERY generous tip, but a lovely message, I don’t know you Mr Police Officer, but you made my little girl cry, and made her year. Thank you, I always had the utmost respect for Officers, but you went above and beyond not just an officer, but a beautiful human being. God Bless.”

Kudos to this policeman for spreading love in his community with a random act of kindness that this father-daughter duo will surely never forget. I pray his selfless generosity is contagious. ❤️

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