Customer Leaves Frustrated Waiter Sobbing After Giving Him the Ultimate Payback—3 Times!!

When we see someone in the service industry exuding anything less than Buddy-the-elf levels of happy, it’s often our reaction as customers to feel offended or slighted.

Particularly when it comes to restaurants, we’ve come to expect waiters who are overly cordial as they bend over backwards to serve us our 24-oz T-bone with garlic mash (no garlic), seasonal veggies (extra butter) and a side of fries (light on the salt). Oh and don’t forget the A1, Heinz 57, Country Bob’s and a little bowl of lemons for our water. How dare they get frustrated by our simple demands, RIGHT?

I pray my sarcasm was thick enough. 

Well, one customer decided to react in precisely the opposite manner when he saw one waiter named Johnny having a particularly hard day. By his demeanor, the man could tell Johnny was just frustrated and beaten down.

That’s when he felt a little nudge from God telling him that a 20 percent tip wasn’t good enough. The customer called Johnny over to his table to bless him with a $100 tip that left the server weeping.

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“You just paid off my car sir,” said the grateful young man as he stood there in shock.

But that wasn’t all.

The customer felt he was supposed to sow into Johnny’s life BIG time, and $100 just wasn’t going to do the trick.

Watch Johnny’s blessing unfold below in a beautiful God moment that will totally restore your faith in humanity and the kindness of strangers:

The Spirit Of Christmas “You just paid off my car sir.”


Credit: Maurice and Jackie Green

Posted by Love What Matters on Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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