Daddy-Daughter Duo WIN the Internet With Cover of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”

Dave and Ashley Crosby are a young couple, raising their family of four on none other than Disney movies. For the past year, Dave has been making videos with their daughter, Claire, who is the true definition of a Disney princess at heart.

14856106_10154711854651522_8848329888500227180_oAshley Crosby

It all started last January when the duo took on Claire’s favorite song, “Part of Your World.” The then three-year-old became an Internet sensation. This super sweet daddy-daughter duo has been melting hearts ever since.

Claire’s precious voice is both soft and assertive, and nearly impossible to turn off once you start listening. It’s got a beautiful sound, and a touch of rasp that so many artists spend years striving for. And you just can’t beat watching the relationship between Claire and her daddy.

12991111_10209393872066192_987040972191196019_nDave Crosby

The two are at it again with a new cover of the Toy Story favorite, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

Dave leads off singing the first verse, and Claire gently hymns along in places. Then when she hears the guitar lead into the second verse, she reminds her dad that it’s her turn.

Every word that comes out of her mouth is more adorable and beautiful than the last.

And there’s something so special about the lyrics of this particular song, and the many ways they reflect Dave’s own encouragement to both of his kids. “Girl, you’ve got a friend in me…” 

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Dave says he’s not sure how he was lucky enough to be this special little girl’s daddy, but he sure is grateful for it, and grateful that she loves working on these video projects with him.

You can get your full dose of “Claire and Dad” here.

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