Dad Records 1st Day of School Interviews With Daughter for 12 Years—The Results? Totally Heart-Melting!

The term “kids grow up too fast” is an understatement. Sometimes it’s a question of whether or not the words “don’t blink” even do it justice. One minute, you’re sleep-deprived with a tiny little six-pound human cradled in your arms, and the next, you’re looking eye-to-eye with a grown person asking for the car keys.

Our kids grow up faster than we could ever imagine. That’s why Washington father of two Kevin Scruggs started a tradition where he interviewed his daughter Mackenzie on her first day of school, every year.

He started on her first day of the 1st grade, and video recorded this annual conversation with Mackenzie every year through the 12th grade.

Kevin Scruggs

She just graduated, and the video montage that Kevin made in memory of his daughter’s growing years will LITERALLY be the sweetest three minutes of your day!

The proud dad titled his video “Twelve Grades of ‘First Day’ Interviews,” which garnered more than 1.3 million views in the past TWO days.

Kevin’s graduation gift to his little girl is such a testament to the love, attention to detail and  bond that he shares with Mackenzie. I can’t wait to see what surprise he’s hiding in his back pocket for when her future wedding rolls around!

All the praise for this loving dad! You’ve raised a beautiful young woman, and you’ve loved her well. That’s all any kid could ever ask for.

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