Bullies Yell, “Where You Going Daddy’s Boy?”—When Dad Gives Him This Box, He Knows Exactly What to Do With It

Fathers are the protectors, the providers and guardians of the home. So, of course, it would break any daddy’s heart to see his son get bullied, knowing there’s nothing he can physically do to stop it. As parents, we ache to be able to take our children’s pain away; in fact, we’d absorb every ounce of it ourselves if we could.

However, the reality is that all we can do is equip our kids with the resilience to face this cruel world head-on without compromising their character or identity. And that’s exactly what AmFam is doing with their recent video titled “Dad Insurance for Fearless Dreams.”

From beginning to end, it’s dripping with parenting wisdom that’s leaving America in tears. In just two minutes, you’ll understand why…

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