Dad Is Told to Put His Autistic Son in an Institution—But Watch What He Does Instead…

After being diagnosed with the most severe form of autism along with an unending stream of other problems, Chris’s parents were told that they needed to let their son go and just place him in an institution. Chris couldn’t sleep, speak or eat properly. He chewed on the walls, table & rugs, and he ran around in screaming fits 24/7.

However, his mom and dad refused to give up on their boy—and their unrelenting persistence has now paid off in the most beautiful way. After these brave parents took the path less traveled by opening their own ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) center in their home, their son’s story is now touching the hearts of millions.

For this proud father and his son with autism — patience, love, and compassion can overcome any challenge. (via

Posted by Upworthy on Monday, April 4, 2016