130 Million People Watch Son Open Box from His Dad—Then He Sees What’s Around the Corner


Homecoming reunions are the sweetest of birthday gifts, but one father decided to make it EXTRA special for his son by planning an extravagant surprise to go along with it.

A little boy named Ronin was initially devastated when he opened box after box only to find another one inside the other. At one point, he gets to a letter that leaves him in tears because it breaks the news that something has come up and daddy won’t be able to make it home for his birthday.

But just wait to see what happens when he opens the final box to read a letter that says one word: “Surprise.”

Confused, Ronin looks around and soon sees the REAL surprise lurking around the corner.

This tearjerker of a homecoming has now been viewed 131 million times, and it’s easy to see why! Check it out for yourself below!

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Birthday gift turns sad tears into happy ones

Ronin is heartbroken that his dad won’t be home from deployment for his birthday. But dad would never, ever miss his little guy’s birthday.

Thank you to Aleecia and Mark Coffelt for sharing this moment with us. Read more about their surprise here:

Posted by Militarykind Stories on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

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