Stranger Leaves Dad in Tears With “I Hope He Dies” Note—Dad’s 3-Word Response Is Perfection


As many proud military parents do, Lewis and Tami Alexander sport a sticker on their car to support their Marine son.

It simply says, “My Son Is a Marine.”

One day, as he was walking out of the Walmart parking lot, Lewis was shocked to find a nasty note stuck in his windshield wiper that read, “F*** you and your son. I hope he dies!”

The chilling message left Lewis in tears and he called the police immediately.

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“My son’s serving to protect that person’s right to do that, and it really hit me,” Lewis told Fox News. “So I called the sheriff’s department, I was crying.”

Unfortunately, authorities said they couldn’t do anything because the individual technically did not commit a crime.

But instead, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department decided to post this message to Facebook to counter the hate and show their support for the Alexanders and other military families.



What’s perhaps most remarkable about the positivity that has stemmed from this cruel act is Lewis’ response. He also has a message for the stranger who left this note, but it’s not the kind you’d expect.

“If I could leave a note on his car, it would probably say, ‘God Bless You,'” he told Fox 35 News.

Nothing kills hate quite like a little kindness. We can’t stop the evil in this world, but we can always choose to respond with love.

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