Dad Who Trolled Daughter’s Instagram Selfies Now Has 2x the Amount of Followers as She Does

No matter whether you like it or not, our culture seems to be embracing “the selfie” more and more. While the craze has taken off among millennials, their parents are still a little confused as to what the draw is. One father in particular, Chris Burr, decided he’d start copying his daughter’s selfies.

What started out as a simple prank has now made the man famous…twice as famous as his daughter. That’s right, the dad now has almost 100,000 followers on Instagram, over twice what his daughter has.

Instead of trying to stop his daughter from taking selfies he decided to join her…and the results are pretty epic:

Suns Out Tongues Out…


Blue Steel


Whoever said no white after Labor Day hasn’t seen this dad…


That’s one way to let your dad know you’re out of toilet paper…


Maybe it IS Maybelline?


So THAT’S how he gets that perfect skin…





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