Dad Gets Wrong # Text From 2 Random Dudes at Graduation—His Epic Response WINS the Internet!

We’ve all been there — you text the wrong number by accident, and so begins an awkward chain of messages exchanged between strangers.

That precise incident happened to Coastal Carolina grad, Justin Campbell.


On graduation day, Justin sent pictures to the wrong number just minutes after the commencement ceremony.

Instead of going to the right person, Justin’s photos went to Roger Hawkins.


The father of three is a real estate agent who also works double duty as a punk rock singer.

Rather than responding to Justin with the typical “wrong number” dialogue, Roger made things a bit more interesting — and the Internet cannot get enough of it.

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He responded with a selfie and some words of encouragement for the new graduates.


Then the super cool dad shared a link to a custom iTunes playlist.

The texts made Justin smile, so he took to Twitter to give other people a laugh. In sharing the photos, Justin inadvertently shared Roger’s phone number, and people have BLOWN UP his phone with selfie love.


It just goes to show that a small act of kindness — like making light of an awkward situation — goes a long way.

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