Daughter’s “Pootergirl” Costume for Picture Day Goes Viral After She Rejects Dad’s Outfit Choices

We do our best to raise our children in the ways they should go, while also trying to foster their independent spirit. It’s a parental dichotomy that doesn’t always manifest in the ways we anticipate—and no dad could be more aware of that than Austin Steinbach.

His daughter Kaylieann has always had a mind of her own, but this little independent firecracker just took that to the next level at this year’s Picture Day.

To give you a little background, Kaylieann has always had a fondness for all things superhero. She just LOVES Superman and Supergirl (whom she adorably refers to as “Pooterman” and “Pootergirl” because she can’t hear her S‘s due to major hearing loss). In fact, last month Kaylieann went to the San Francisco Comic Con with her daddy where she got to sport the costume all day long.

“[She’s] refused to take off her costume since (eventually it was replaced with a Spider-Man one so I could wash the Supergirl),” Austin tells Babble.

And when picture day rolled around, it was certainly no exception for the little one to give up her new favorite outfit. When daddy presented her with her outfit choices for the day, she boldly walked over to her closet to reveal the only selection that would do.

“On picture day at school she was given the choice of outfits, none of which were Supergirl. She walked up, looked over each of her choices, turned and said ‘POOTERGIRL!’ and well…I couldn’t argue with that answer,” said Austin.

And when Austin posted the priceless picture of Kaylieann posing with her main man, Reddit users just couldn’t get ENOUGH!

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