Dead Wife Pulls Brilliant Plant Prank on Husband—6 Yrs Later, He Finally Figures It Out


Antonia Nicol’s mom Phedre was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, and she sadly passed away in 2013. Phedre’s hospitalization in the last few weeks of her life was traumatizing for the whole family as they watched the strong woman they once knew wither away before their eyes.

But although the ‘Big C’ stole the 69-year-old’s life, it was not successful in stealing her joy or simply FANTASTIC sense of humor.

But it would take six years for her family to figure out exactly what prank Phedre had up her sleeve…

Nicol says her father was “overcome with grief” when her mother passed away, but he made sure to carry out his dear wife’s dying wish to water her plants every day.

“When she was in the hospital, she told my dad that he was under strict instructions to water the plants in the bathroom

,” Nicol told the Daily Mail. “There was a purpose-built container for real plants with a drain, but my mum must have replaced them with plastic ones

. None of us knew


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The best part is that her dad didn’t discover the expertly pulled off prank until he moved into a nursing home six years later, when somebody pointed out they aren’t even REAL.

He always wondered why the water leaked out from the plant pot, but he assumed it was just a toilet leak.

Nicol took to Twitter to post the amusing anecdote, and unsurprisingly, the Internet got a kick out of her cancer-fighting mama’s shenanigans!

“Before my mum passed away, she gave my dad strict instructions to water the plants in the bathroom,” she wrote. “He’s been religiously watering them & keeping them alive. They look so amazing he decided to take them to his new home, only to discover they are plastic! Can hear my mum chuckling”

According to Nicol, her mom’s joke from heaven was only a continuation of her playful spirit on earth.

“It was hilarious,” she told the Daily Mail. “They were always jokers. Once, my daughter sent them a picture she had drawn of ‘naughty Grandad’ jumping on the bed and granny being shocked.”

“They recreated the picture and sent it back to her,” she added.

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Nicol says her family has been overwhelmed by the smile Phedre’s story has brought to people across the world:

“It brought a tear to my dad’s eye to see how happy it has made so many people and that’s been so brilliant.”

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