Watch: Deaf Singer Gets Standing Ovation & Simon’s Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent

Summer is a time to get outside, soak up the long days and warm nights, and take a little time off from the fluorescent bulbs in your office. It’s also the time of year when television’s greatest talent competitions take the country by storm.

The first rounds of America’s Got Talent are off to a killer start, and we’re excited to see what the summer holds for some of these unbelievably talented hopefuls.

One performer who got judges and viewers excited for what’s to come is 29-year-old Mandy Harvey.

Mandy Harvey

The young brunette took the stage with her sign language translator, a ukulele in hand and an incredible story.

At just 18 years old, a connective-tissue disorder caused Mandy to lose all of her hearing. Can you imagine living your entire life—almost two decades—and just like that, losing one of your five senses?

Mandy Harvey

Mandy had been singing since she was four years old, but after going deaf, she walked away from music for a while. Through muscle memory and visual tuners, Mandy found her way back to her passion of singing.

“After I lost my hearing, I gave up,” Mandy explains to Simon Cowell. “But, I want to do more with my life than just give up.”

Y’all, this girl is literally amazing! She performs barefoot so that her feet can detect the tempo through the floor.

Mandy starts to perform an original song she wrote called “Try,” and though she can’t hear with her ears what she’s playing, it’s obvious that this song is bursting from her heart!

She finishes her performance with a standing ovation from the audience and judges before Simon looks at her and says, “Mandy, I don’t think you’re going to need a translator for this…”

With a tap of the gold buzzer, and a lot of tears, Mandy is going straight through to the live show! We can’t wait to see what the summer brings for this amazing young talent!

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