Dear Dad: “You Need to Love Your Wife as You Want Your Daughter to Be Loved”

love your wife

Besides the one with our Heavenly Father himself, there’s hardly a relationship that can compare with that of a father and daughter. For so many, the way a father interacts with his daughter is the representation that a young lady holds of her relationship with God for the duration of her life. So make sure you love your wife the way you want your daughter to be love.

Even more important to note, little eyes are always watching and soaking up more than most of us as busy adults can imagine which is why you need to love your wife.

She watches the way you hold her mom’s hand, the way you kiss her good night, and the way you speak to her with words of love, respect, and adoration.

Daddies are often protective of who their daughters will date and how they will be treated — but with a world spewing all sorts of distortions of love at them, there’s no way to better represent the way she deserves to be treated than by serving your wife well.

Marriage and mommy blogger JthreeNMe captures the essence of this well in a Facebook post that speaks to just how critical your relationship with your spouse is in creating an example for your daughter.

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In a post addressing “all of the men with daughters,” JthreeNMe gets real about what it means to really be the man the women in your life need from you.

Read it in full below:

“To all of the men with daughters:

The mere thought of your little girl having a ‘boyfriend’ must make you crazy; it does me, and I am just her mother.

That little 6 lb 9 oz angelic princess you brought home seven years ago, will probably have a ‘crush’  within the next couple of years, and a boyfriend just a few years after that. That is terrifying.

The good news, though, is that you are able to show her all that she deserves from a man.

Relationships and marriages are hard, and that is a truth that your daughter will learn one day. They are challenging for all people, including the kindhearted and well-intentioned.

The best (and probably the hardest) thing that you can do for your daughter is to model for her how a woman should be treated.



Your young daughter is impressionable, and unfortunately, she is going to learn from the movies, television shows, magazines, social media, and her friends, what love looks and sounds like — or so she’ll think.

More likely, however, is that what she will be ‘picking up’ outside of her home will be so far from ‘real’ and ‘right’ love.

You, and only you, can combat this — by treating her mother well and loving her mother hard.

It all starts at home — with you and your wife.

Today and all days, respect your wife.

Hold her hand at every chance you get and kiss her a lot.

Smile at her.

Make eye contact.

When she is talking, listen intently.

Open doors for her.

Build up her confidence.

Praise her for her accomplishments.

Encourage her when she is in need of it.

Empathize with her when she seeks support.

Go on adventures with her.

Tell her she is beautiful, inside and out, and tell her often.

Your daughter more than loves her mother; she is enthralled with her. The mother-daughter connection is so intertwined, that mothers and their daughters, well, they tend to live a parallel life. And, your understanding of this will help you to come to this realization:

That your relationship with your wife is about so much more than just you and her so make sure you love your wife hard.

The greatest gift — behind his time and attention — that a father can give to his daughter, is loving her mother.”

**This post originally appeared on JthreeNMe’s Facebook page. See more from her on her website

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