Doctor Prays After Crash Rips 8-Yr-Old’s Face Off—11 Years Later, He Sees What God Did

Makenzie Wilgus was just eight years old when she was in a horrific car accident that could have cost her her life.


The seatbelt locked up and literally cut her face off from her throat all the way up to her cheek, even severing part of her tongue.

When she was brought into the operating room, all Doctor Ronald Morton could see was bone. He had seen a lot of horrific cases during his time in the field, but this was enough to send chills up his spine.

“That face was up off the lower jawbone up to the upper jawbones, and all you saw was skeleton,” he said.


Though Dr. Morton was quite the skilled physician, he knew this was not an undertaking that he could conquer alone. He couldn’t shake the thought that if this was his little girl, he would want her treated with the utmost care—but Makenzie’s injury was beyond what the realm of medicine alone could heal.

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He needed God’s hand in this surgery.

“I went and said a prayer because I certainly needed as much divine intervention as I could get with this one,” said Dr. Morton. “What if this was your little girl laying there; you want the guy to do the best he can. I said we’re going to have to get to work.”

He even told Makenzie’s mom Jennifer, “I just wish it would have been me, and not her.”


“Doctor Morton told me, he said I’m going to put her back together the best way I possibly can. And he did,” said Jennifer.

After 800 stitches and four hours in surgery, the extensive operation was complete, but only time would tell what kind of long-term consequences her face would bear from the scar tissue.


Eleven years after the accident, Dr. Morton got to see for himself exactly what became of Makenzie’s face as they reunited for the first time. The results were miraculous. There was almost no trace of any damage to her face whatsoever.


The two shared a tearful embrace as Dr. Morton marveled at God’s handiwork.


“She’s a beautiful girl. There’s something a whole lot bigger working here than my skills. For an 8-year-old girl to go through all that and bounce right back is just outstanding,” said Morton.

And now, Makenzie hopes that she can pay his good deed forward by going into the medical field herself. It has been a dream of hers ever since Dr. Morton aided her in such a remarkable recovery.

“For the longest time growing up, I wanted to be an EMT, because of him. So I changed my major to nursing,” said Makenzie. “I hope to be exactly like he is one day.”

According to Dr. Morton, one simply could not ask for a more fulfilling reward.

“To know that you’re impacting somebody’s life enough to affect them in a positive way, you can’t ask to do any more than that,” he said through a beaming smile.

See more from this inspiring story in the KLTV news interview with Makenzie and Dr. Morton below!

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