Why You Don’t Need a Vacation


I just got back from a few days at the beach. It’s my favorite place. Near the ocean, I just feel such peace. Over twenty years ago, I stared at the horizon of the ocean and God spoke to me.

I love you like that. You cannot see where the ocean ends, and neither can you see the end of my love for you.

The ocean did eventually meet the shore, but God’s Love was endless. You know what did have an end, though? Vacation. After seven days of relaxation, I would be going back to work tomorrow, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that kinda made me sad. When I was having quiet time one morning at the beach the Lord told me that it was a time of renewal for me. This morning He added to that.

The beach may have been a time of renewal for you, but you can rest anytime.

And that was the truth. I didn’t need a vacation to rest.

You don’t need a vacation to rest.

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You don’t need a drink after work to find your rest.

If you’re single, you don’t need to find your romantic partner to finally find rest.

We just need Jesus. More than anything.

Rest is found in the absence of worry.

Worry is a lack of trust. We don’t want to admit that, but it’s true. When we worry we’re fixated on how we can fix a problem rather than resting in the fact that God already knows the solution.

Rest is found by trusting in His ability to supply, provide, and intervene.

So even when I’m at work I can rest in the fact that God has placed me at my job to act on His behalf. I can rest in the fact that I’m serving His will for my life.

When my bank account is slim I can rest in His provision. He hadn’t failed me yet.

When storms come, because they will, I can rest in the fact that I am never alone. He will not leave me or forsake me.

When people come against me I can rest in the fact that He protects me from harm, and the fact that He works all things for my good.

When life is uncertain I can rest in the fact that nothing is unknown to God, and His plans are to prosper me, not harm me.

The beach is nice, but I don’t need it to find rest. Time off is nice, but it’s not required for me to experience rest. I can rest in His presence every single day of my life. I can create a life that doesn’t require a break from it! When I’m surrounded in peace there is no need to run from the “daily grind.” Each moment is full of His purpose and His love.

The truth about rest is it isn’t as hard to find as we think. It’s simply a matter of trust.

Brie Gowen
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