Don’t Take My Word For It, Try These Out For Yourself: 7 Things Every Man Should Know About Relationships

One beautiful fall day on a drive through the North Carolina mountains, I attempted to compliment her and let her know I was in it for the long haul—to put her mind at ease in a way. But what I actually did was the opposite.

“You have such sturdy legs. I really hope our kids have sturdy legs like you.”

The look on her face told me everything I needed to know. My bride is not speechless very often, but her face was contorted somewhere between a laugh and a cry—and nothing was coming out of her mouth.

“STURDY?!?!” She finally exclaimed.

Then added, “What a terrible way to describe a woman! I am NOT sturdy”…

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*** Don’t get caught in the same predicament as this poor guy. In the article on, “7 Things Every Man Needs to Know About Relationships,” author Michael Dean shares his time-tested (and woman-approved) list of things you NEED to know. So men, take notes (you can thank us later):

1. Winning an argument may harm your relationship.

2. What you do for her is never more important than who you are to her.

3. A date isn’t a marriage proposal.

4. Digital communication should always be leading to face-to-face communication, not taking away from it.

5. Words can be everything.

6. Listening, not fixing, is often the best remedy to her problem.

7. You are worthy of respect. But don’t demand it.

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