WATCH: Dude Busts Out Epic Performance of “No Diggity” at Southwest Airlines Gate


When it comes to traveling, there’s nothing more stressful than airports.

Checking in at the ticket counter, learning that your bag weighs fifty-ONE pounds, waiting in line for security, unloading every personal belonging you have onto the conveyor belt, trying to quickly re-load every belonging you’re carrying to catch the tram to your terminal, only to arrive at your gate to learn that your flight is delayed for the next four hours.

Even the most seamless airport experiences can be stressful.

And it’s not just the passengers who become overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of all-things-airport. Airline employees are often on the receiving end of our air travel frustrations.

But in a recent viral video posted by traveler Mike Vadala, the usual stress and frustration of a postponed flight was replaced with laughter and joy thanks to one fun-loving flyer, and a team of Southwest employees.

“So our gate at Nola Southwest required everyone who asked a question to sing,” Vadala wrote on Facebook

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As we all know, when something happens with your flight, the only next step is to line up at the ticket counter behind every other stressed-out traveler, and see if the airline can offer a solution.

It seems these Southwest agents got creative in their attempt to pare down the line of angry customers. But their clever plan was no challenge for one fearless flyer. In fact, he grabbed the P.A. microphone and “went off,” as Vadala says.

Rather than screaming and fussing at the ticketing agents, the passenger in the video turned the boredom of waiting at the airport into a full-on karaoke session. It was so unexpected and funny that it didn’t take long to have the whole gate cracking up and singing along with him.

Of course, it’s only fitting that he closes his airport rendition of “Wonderwall” and “No Diggity” with a well-earned mic drop.

I think it’s safe to say this passenger lightened the mood for everyone, and probably deserves free Southwest travel for life!

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