4 Brothers Hear Elderly Neighbor Has Warrant Out for Her Arrest—Then They Secretly Trespass to Do the Sweetest Thing Ever

When school first let out for the summer, the Reynolds brothers never thought they’d be on a mission to keep a 75-year-old woman out of jail.

But that’s exactly how things played out for the four young boys after learning that their elderly neighbor was facing jail time over the height of her grass.

Like most women her age, Gerry Suttle has a harder time these days keeping up with household chores like she used to. Though she’s able to vacuum, wash the dishes and manage things around her house’s interior, things like mowing the lawn and pulling weeds just aren’t in her wheelhouse anymore.

As a result, the grass on the lot she owns across the street from her house had grown to be more than 18 inches in height, which violated city code and landed her a citation.

The only trouble is that Gerry never received the notice, thus, she didn’t appear in court when summoned over the grass.

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That led to police issuing a warrant for her arrest!

The Reynolds brothers didn’t know Gerry, but heard about her situation on the news and decided they wanted to help her out.

“We haven’t met her yet but she’s 75 years old and she needs some help mowing,” said Blaine Reynolds, one of the brothers. “That’s the least we could do.”

Gerry was beyond grateful for the boys’ selflessness and help. Most kids their age don’t spend the summer mowing lawns of their own, much less the lawn of a perfect stranger.

“I’d do it for her a second time, or a third time,” Blaine Reynolds said. “Anything to keep that lady from having to go to court.”

Gerry did wind up having the charges dropped, but even after she didn’t receive a citation, and the boys cleaned everything up for her, the city was still not through with their schemes. Later in the week, Gerry was told she’d have to appear in court about the lawn and sign some papers stating she didn’t receive the notice in order for the warrant to be dropped.

In the meantime, the Reynolds brothers have offered to continue helping her.

ALL the praise for these kind-hearted boys who selflessly stepped up to help someone in need. Their parents are raising them up right!

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