Ellen Breaks Down When She Hears What This Teacher Does for Her Students


Sonya Romero is a kindergarten teacher at Lew Wallace Elementary in Albuquerque, New Mexico—but she’s not just any teacher.

While Romero was sitting in the audience for “The Ellen Show,” she had no idea what Ellen had in store for her. When Ellen found out how much this selfless teacher has done for her students, she asked her to come up on stage.

So what makes this lady so special? Well, 75 percent of Romero’s students are poverty-stricken, so this superhero dressed up as a teacher does something amazing for them every single morning.

As soon as they come in, she asks them 2 questions before lessons start:“I ask my kids if they’ve eaten that morning, if they need anything to wear,” she said.

She goes above and beyond to do anything she can to make sure their needs are met every day, and she’s even a foster parent for two of her students.

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Both women were in tears as they played a video montage of Romero’s students and colleagues expressing their gratitude for all she has done for them over the years.


Then, when Romero had her head turned, a stage hand sneaked in to surprise her with a Target check for $10,000.

And Ellen was thinking two steps ahead on this one.

“And because I know what kind of person you are, and you think you’re gonna use this $10,000 to help other people, they also want to give $10,000 To Lew Wallace Elementary School,” DeGeneres told her.

She knew Romero would try to use the 10 grand for other people, so she made sure to double the offer so the teacher could treat herself after all she’s done to serve others.

The world needs more teachers like Sonya Romero, who treats her students like her own children and faithfully stewards the resources she’s been given for the good of others.

A+ for this Wonder Woman—on so many levels!


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