Ellen Saw Him Through 9 Open-Heart Surgeries—& His Mom Breaks Down When She Sees Her Final Surprise!

Tayt was born with only half of his heart. He’s also lived three-fourths of his life in a hospital bed—and according to his Mom, it’s been Ellen who has been his saving grace through it all.

“You always seem to come in and give him the boost that he needs to keep going, so that’s something as a mom that I can never thank you enough for because he keeps going through everything and it’s you. You’re with him every day,” she told DeGeneres.

Ellen met Tayt 3 years ago, and he’s been a regular on the show ever since.

Tayt and Ellen have the most precious relationship, and they affectionately refer to one another as ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend.’

When Tayt had his heart attack, Ellen called and all of a sudden he started doing better and he said, “Mommy I gotta get better. I gotta go see my girlfriend.”

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He was recently put at the top of the heart transplant list, but even then, the waiting game can be excruciating.

“There aren’t too many people I’ve met that have a heart as good as yours that you have right now,” Ellen told Tayt. “You have an amazing heart. You’re an amazing guy…But if you want to get another heart, that’s okay with me.”


He’s had 9 open-heart surgeries and heart surgeries together, but now, he’s back on the show with outstanding news: He’s got a new heart!

And Ellen continues to shower Tayt and his mom with new blessings. She presented them with a $20,000 check and a brand new car to take Tayt back-and-forth to his frequent hospital visits.


Ellen even made sure to deck out the back seat so he can ride in style with all of his favorites: Dori, an iPad, and the Ellen Show!


It’s pretty clear that Tayt’s new heart loves Ellen just as much as the old one!