“We Are All Emily”: Single Daughter Hilariously Owns Her Family’s Christmas Card

christmas card

With the recent passing of Christmas, we all know it’s that time of year when our mailboxes are stuffed full of Amazon Prime orders and picture-perfect Christmas cards.

Some send festive holiday cards to show how much the kids have grown, or to announce a celebratory event that happened during the year, like a wedding or a tiny new addition.

That was the case for Twitter user Emily Seawright, whose family Christmas card this year featured everyone’s groundbreaking developments: “Expecting,” “Engaged,” “Excited” and….”Emily.”

The 20-something from California who totally OWNED her single-ness AND that Christmas card, posted her family’s all-too-relatable photo on Twitter.

The tweet went viral with single people across the Internet erupting into a mutual declaration that “we are all Emily.”

It seems Emily, who says she’s “happy being single” has achieved the greatest achievement of all this year: Twitter fame and nailing it at just being yourself.

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