“Fear Is Manifesting into People Being Crazy”: Nurse Calls Out People Wearing Gloves, Exposes How Easily Cross-Contamination Happens

molly lixey

Last Friday, registered nurse Molly Lixey posted a no-nonsense rant on Facebook about just how easily germs can spread—even when you’re wearing gloves. In the 3-minute video, the nurse from Saginaw, MI does a demonstration with colored dye to illustrate her point.

“This is called cross-contamination,” says Lixey. “There’s no point in wearing gloves if you’re not gonna wash your hands every time you touch something. There’s no point, friends. So do whatever makes you feel safe, but remember there is some science here, and all this fear is just manifesting people into being crazy and not acting very smart.”

The video quickly went viral, amassing over 9 million views and counting.

In the end, the nurse offers two pieces of advice for those who do still opt to wear gloves in grocery stores and other public places:

“One, wear your gloves, but you need to clean your hands all the time. Don’t touch your face. Don’t touch your dirty phone. Secondly, throw your gloves in the trash. They do not belong on the ground.”

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Watch Lixey’s video for yourself below:

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