Firefighter Catches Jumper Mid-Air: Watch the Shocking Viral Video

firefighter catches jumper

Firefighter, Tomas Jaunzems, has become a worldwide hero because of a video of him simply doing his job back in 2018. But don’t let the “simply doing his job” part fool you. The woman was mid-air when the firefighter catches jumper, and pulls her into a window, saving her life.

Heroic Firefighter Catches Jumper Attempting Suicide

Latvian firefighter, Tomas Jaunzems, was part of a team responding to a call alerting the State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia to a woman at risk of jumping from a window on the fourth floor of an apartment building.

The caller believed the woman to be suicidal; so Jaunzems, along with his rescue team rushed to a lower floor and prepared themselves by putting on harnesses for stabilization. With the window open and looking upward, Jaunzems was ready.

Meanwhile, someone watching the scene from within the building filmed when the firefighter catches jumper and pulls her into the window with the help of a second firefighter and another man. The video shows Jaunzems being pulled partially out the window as he catches the woman, and then lifts her back up and into the building.

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