“You Pushed Me”: The ‘Fixer Upper’ Couple Gets Vulnerable About Their Imperfect Marriage

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ “I Am Second” interview just debuted, and even for non-‘Fixer Upper’ fans, their seven-minute love story will have you swooning. I’ve always been a fan of this adorable couple, but seeing how their differences have strengthened one another in Christ makes me love them even more.

Joanna’s the play-it-safe, keep-me-in-my-bubble-wrap type a gal, while Chip is the James Dean, wild-ridin’, adventurous one who simply can’t be contained.

Doesn’t exactly sound like a perfect match, eh? But it turns out, it’s their challenges and imperfections that make the Gaines’ marriage that much stronger.

Just read a few brief clips of what they have to say about the way their polar opposite personalities meld together and ultimately bring them closer to each other and God.


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“I like safety. I like knowing what’s coming. I don’t wanna be surprised. I don’t know if we would’ve dated in college if we would’ve known each other.”

“Fear and failure doesn’t even cross his mind. He doesn’t even let that go through one ear and out the other.”

“You can’t censor Chip.”

“If I didn’t have Chip Gaines in my life, I’d still be dreaming in my head but not acting out on any of that, not living it out. You pushed me. You pushed me out of my comfort zone. I like comfortable. I like predictable.”

“I feel like God had a funny way of bringing me Chip to almost have this reality of what it’s like to follow Christ, which is a lot of the things that are gonna push you to a place of discomfort, and a lot of things are gonna push you to a place of freaking out.”


“That little voice in your ear that talks when you’re being quiet, that little voice tells me how handsome I am, tells me how funny I am, tells me how rich I’m gonna be. You know it’s just constantly talking.”

“I think like loving somebody is top rolled down, James Dean and whomever, flying through the mountains going too fast. Reckless. And your idea was bubble tape, yeah sitting around eating Church’s chicken.”

“Joanna is like the purest, most stable person I’ve ever met.”

“When I caught her, I finally felt content for the first time in my life. I felt like I could be exactly who I was.”

“I’ve learned about order, structure and processes through my wife, and God is all of those things to me now. But at the beginning, God was just chaotic to me. He was wild. He was untamed. He was unruly… And I liked that.”

Chip says Joanna was “a flower in desperate need of water,” and he loved getting to watch her blossom in the most beautiful way. Joanna says she used to think that if “you play by the rules, you’ll be blessed.” But through knowing Chip, she came to a much more refreshing conclusion:

“When you take a step out in faith when it makes absolutely no sense I think that’s where the greater reward is. There’s no telling where that will take you.”

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