Focus on the Family to Broadcast 4-D Ultrasound of a Baby Through “See Life” Campaign. Sign the Pledge Today.

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Amidst a year that has been ravaged by a pandemic, we’ve seen death, grief, and fear manifest in unprecedented ways. We’ve watched a historic rise in unemployment and suicide rates unfold before our very eyes; businesses have crumbled, and churches have struggled to maintain connection during a time plagued by isolation and uncertainty.

And yet, amidst the rumble of panic that has shaken all we once considered “normal,” there is still another fight for life we can’t afford to ignore.

Abortion, in a sense, is an ongoing “pandemic” that has claimed more lives than any other on record. Yet it’s so often glossed over, as outright murder has been semantically twisted as “women’s rights,” and the horror of taking a life has been normalized as mere “choice.”

Today, more than ever, the Christian community must rally together to fight for all things “pro-life”—especially the unborn, as their own voices cannot yet be heard.

In an effort to do just that, Focus on the Family has launched the  “See Life” 2020 campaign, encouraging churches and individuals alike to join the movement to end abortion.

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“Abortion has devastated the hearts and homes of women, men and families — and ended the lives of tens of millions of preborn babies, all of whom were made in the image of God,” the organization writes on the campaign’s website. “We cannot let this continue. We are compelled to help the world see life clearly, to stand and speak up on behalf of preborn human life, to provide care for women and men facing unexpected pregnancies, and to call for an end to abortion.”

Focus on the Family is inviting you to partner with them this fall by taking three simple steps:

  1. Sign the Pledge.
  2. Share Your Commitment with Others using the hashtag #LoveEveryHeartbeat on social media.
  3. Set Your Calendar for 9/26, 8PM ET for the digital premiere of See Life 2020.

On September 26th, Focus will host the FREE online event, which will feature “powerful pro-life stories, dynamic speakers, soul-stirring music, and will culminate in a 4D ultrasound of a baby.”

In a video launched in support of the campaign, the duration of a child’s life is pictured in brief snapshots, revealing the many pleasures and pains, miracles and mistakes, sacred moments and sacrifices her tiny life will contain…if only it is allowed to begin.

“My entire life is before me, if only it is allowed to continue,” says the sweet child. “Be my champion in the fight for my life.”


So what does signing the pledge mean practically for your life?

Focus on the Family says it’s a commitment to “pray fervently for a reawakening to the sanctity of every human life.” It also means supporting those facing unexpected pregnancies, encouraging leaders in the church and nation to champion for pro-life values, and sharing those values with those in your circle of influence “with grace and conviction.”

You can also DOWNLOAD THIS FREE PRO-LIFE PASTOR TOOLKIT, an exclusive kit for pastors who want to stand with fellow pro-life believers and churches, containing sharable content to use with your congregation.

Join the “See Life” cause, and Sign the Pledge to #LoveEveryHeartbeat today.

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