Man’s Surprise Proposal Goes Viral—6 Hours Later, She Falls Apart When She Walks Into This Room

If you haven’t been following the Instagram love story that is #ForeverDuncan, I suggest you start. This modern day fairy tale has taken social media by storm after Sherrell’s boyfriend, Alfred, orchestrated a heart-melting proposal followed by a wedding just six hours later.

Alfred convinced Sherrell that they were going on a competitive date day where he had to do all of the planning for 24 hours, and in return, she had to show him servitude (or, say “yes” to anything he said)—as Alfred elaborates in the adorable Instagram vid below.

Alfred started the proposal by getting Sherrell’s daughter to beckon her into the room where their friends and family were waiting.

“Mommy, come with me,” said the excited little girl as her mama’s jaw hit the floor.


In front of all of their loved ones, Alfred professed his undying love to Sherrell, who practically swooned at the overwhelming sight…but this day was just getting started.


From a pre-planned bridal party…

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To being blind-folded in a stunning hand-picked designer dress…


To an aisle entrance that literally KNOCKED the wind out of Sherrell…


This was a one-in-a-million wedding to remember.

Check out Alfred’s same-day proposal/wedding masterpiece unfold in the video below. And be sure to grab those tissues first! I promise, you’re gonna need ’em…