Garth Brooks Spots This Sign & Stops the Concert—When He Shouts These 6 Words, CHILLS

You don’t have to be a Garth Brooks fan to be inspired by this, that’s for sure.

When ushers saw the sign Teresa Shaw was carrying, they took her to the front of the crowd.

It read, “Chemo This Morning. Garth Tonight. Enjoying the Dance.” 


As soon as Garth spotted it, he stopped the concert and grabbed it from her hands in exchange for his guitar.

The sign hit particularly close to home because the country star lost his own mother to cancer as well. It was a reminder to him that no matter how hard we think we have it, there are always others fighting a bigger battle.

“Sometimes I’m one of those guys that said, man if God would just get a big old hand that comes out from the sky and write ‘I exist,’ then there would never be any doubt. Right?” Garth shouted to the crowd. “Well I wanna tell you right now, God just stuck his hand out.

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“To give away something like that is just remarkable,” Shaw said. “Now if I ever I have a bad day, I can always go look at his guitar and get inspiration.”

“This was right on top of my bucket list,” she added with a smile.

See more from Shaw and Brooks in the USA Today interview below:

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