God Is Making America Great Again—& Satan Is Using Our Trump Tantrums to Stop Him

By Brie Gowen

I was speaking to my husband last night concerning the state of our country. This topic has been on my mind for months, but has culminated over the past couple of weeks, and has come to a head over the past 48 hours. In the midst of Donald Trump assuming office of POTUS it’s basically exploded, and I’m almost overcome and overwhelmed by the happenings and reactions of the people I share this great United States with. I am only 39 years old, but in my life I have never seen a reaction to an election like I have seen with this one. I’ve never seen such strong emotions and passionate reactions. This is history in the making, and so many people are distressed, downtrodden and depressed by what’s going on. It would be absolutely feasible under the circumstances to accept a spirit of defeat. That’s what I told my husband last night, but here’s specifically why I have not.

Over the past few years I’ve watched our country change. I’ve seen certain ideals fall to the wayside, priorities change, opinions morph and points of view materialize into such a strong force that they’re almost concrete. In my opinion I have seen the devil at work sowing seeds of discontent and spreading lies among God’s people. I’ve watched eyes shut adamantly to obvious truth, and backs turn in defiance to God’s word. In fact, though I don’t claim to have it all figured out by any means, I do believe a large part of our country is deceived. I believe we are victims of Satan’s trickery, and we have fallen unaware into his traps. We place importance on non-issues, become quite heated on areas of injustice that don’t actually exist, and get so carried away by a “cause” that we ignore the very real problems in front of us.

I could go into detail about the falsities I think the enemy uses to spread dissension, but I’ll simply leave it at this for brevity sake. I have never, ever seen a multitude of so many blinded by Satan using them to separate God’s people. It’s astonishing, sad and could almost leave children of God feeling rather hopeless. Those who seek truth might tend to want to run inside their homes, hold their family close and pray for Jesus to come soon. Heck, I’ve wanted to do that. But I believe God has been telling me He’s not done yet.

You see, God created us with a purpose in mind, and a purpose for this earth. Though sin came in long, long ago and mucked it up, I do not believe that God has given up on His original design. He wants His creation free, and drawing closer to Him, but to get from point A to point B there’s a lot that needs to happen. He’s been orchestrating it for many years, and I think we might just be entering a new season of God’s miraculous work. I think He is drawing His people back to Him, and I believe a Great Harvest is on the horizon.

What happens when God is doing something great? His enemy, Satan, offers a counterattack. When God moves, Satan moves, and I think we might just be witness to an amazing battle. Though we cannot see into the spiritual realm, we can see what’s going on in front of us in the natural. And you have to agree that things are taking a turn they never have before. Records are being made, people are rising up like never before and passions are blaring. Like anytime God is working to do something wonderful and marvelous, this is a time when the devil and his armies will work overtime to try and usurp what the Lord is accomplishing. I am feeling in my spirit like the reason things look so bleak, divided and rage-filled is because great things lie ahead. It is always darkest just before dawn.

As a Christian, these are tumultuous times, but I also believe they are encouraging times. As a Christian you know who wins the war, and seeing His mighty hand at work is inspiring. I happen to think these are growing pains before us. I believe there is always much groaning before God shows His majesty and splendor in the face of wickedness. I think a great awakening is coming, and I believe we can take hope in the idea that evil is striking so hard because the enemy camp is full of fear. Satan’s boots are trembling at the good work God is laying right here and now.

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So what’s our job in all this? We must seek His face first. We do not seek just to be right, be heard or be justified. Though those things have a place and time, to seek His face and will is utmost. That must take priority over all else. We also must keep the faith that He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. We must remember that Jesus came to save the world. And guess what? We are more than conquerors. It’s important to remain hopeful and full of God’s love that it may flow out to those around us. After all, it’s His love that has, still does and will save us when we believe in His name. I understand how easy it could be to succumb to a feeling of defeat at these times, but I would challenge you to see His hand in it all. Perhaps even be excited for what the future holds.

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Brie Gowen
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