God Is Calling His People to Intercede in Prayer for the World

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I’ve been encouraged by a dear friend and Spiritual Momma to share this information.

As a backstory, I have been led by God to intercede in the Spirit since January. A couple of years ago it became clear to me that my prayer language (that’s speaking in tongues for you layfolk) was unusual. What I mean is, when I prayed it seemed like more was going on in the spiritual realm. The burning in my throat, the overwhelming emotion, and the words wanting to burst so quickly from my mouth. The Bible states that speaking in tongues is a gift (1 Corinthians 12:8-11), and I began to understand this year that God wanted to utilize this gift for His kingdom. This wasn’t something I did publicly, but rather in my time alone with the Lord. Again, like the Bible states, I felt I was praying for things my mind couldn’t fathom, but His Spirit could (1 Corinthians 14:2, Romans 8:26). It’s important you understand the humble nature I share this in. It’s not a prideful thing, but rather a Jesus thing. It’s not something I do, but something His Holy Spirit does through me. It’s ok if you think I’m crazy or don’t understand this. It took years for me to get where I am with it, and it’s all God’s doing. He may not have you in a place where you believe in spiritual warfare in the unseen, or the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. In that case, you may consider me crazy. That’s cool. I still love ya. I guess I just need to get this out. I need to share it. I have only shared this with my spouse for the past two years, and then a few friends and mentors in 2020. I now feel the release to share it further.

The Lord speaks to me while I speak through His Spirit. So, as I’m praying in tongues the Lord will give me images/visions, and He will speak a word to my heart. Sometimes it’s for a specific person, and He’s shown me a couple of times His knowledge by telling me personal things I shouldn’t know, then confirming the validity when I’m encouraged to share it with the specific person. I guess we all have a tendency to be a doubting Thomas, and my point is, He’s shown me this isn’t me. Wow, at the stories.

Mid-March I felt it step up a notch and here’s a journal entry from that day.

“Well, this morning as soon as I got up I was feeling the urge to pray. In fact, I have had trouble sleeping the night through (which I never do) all week. I would wake up at 2am with the urge to pray. I prayed this morning on my commute. As I began to pray I felt like it was for our world and COVID-19. I won’t go into all the things I think about it, but I do know this morning I felt evil was at work. In the spiritual realm I think there’s a battle with this. So I warfared. At certain points I felt like my “dialect” changed. What sounded like Italian and Chinese. That has never happened before. This was probably the most emotional and powerful it’s ever felt. I was overwhelmed and overcome several times, and at the end, I bawled.”

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I have felt like God is calling many of His children to pray (warfare) in the Spirit. So, if you’re feeling that nudge, know it’s God. Join me in this. Today I felt this even more certainly, and here is what I wrote down afterwards.

“3/31/20 prayers in the spirit:

The Lord will be a healing balm for us. He will pour out His Spirit like a flood of milk and honey on His people. Living waters will flow forth. We will emerge victorious from this. This is the first great harvest of many. God’s people will come out on top of this, and many will come to know Him through this tragedy. Death will bring life, and life eternal, extending beyond the grave. But even more than the drawing to God from this pandemic, people will be drawn by how God’s people will emerge from it. We will have a period of abundance following this before the next great trial and testing. A period of harvests (note the plural) begin now. Now is the time to serve God’s kingdom purposes first and foremost. They are what matter most in this period of life on earth. He is calling His people as harvesters, not of the world, but of spirit. We have partaken of the world’s fruit for too long. A shift in mindset is needed for the saints where we let go of earthly comfort and extend ourselves to those most in need… the lost.

As I prayed I also felt like many more were praying in the spirit at the same time as me, and the spirit of God emerged out of our bodies and through our mouths like a bright beam of light (which is probably why my throat burns when I pray like this) connecting in the spirit into one large shaft of light and then creating a huge sonic-like boom to move events in Heaven and earth. Thought of Matthew 18:18 Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

I will also add, I don’t feel like this is going to last as long as man is projecting. I think God is going to intervene according to the prayers of His people. Yall, God is doing something amazing, and it’s only in this knowledge that I share something like this, knowing many of you will roll your eyes. It’s ok.

I would just urge you to join me in prayer, no matter how you pray, and intercede for our world.

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