Good Grades Are Nice, But I’d Rather My Kids Pass

good grades

Believe it or not, another school year has begun. With it comes expectations of honor roll, excelling in sports and activities, and receiving awards and recognition. I’m all for these things.

But this year, I just want my kids to pass.


Pass on the drama.

Pass on talking about other kids.

Pass the ball to the not-so-coordinated kid at recess.

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Pass their previous teacher’s room, and take the time to say, “hi.”

Pass on the opportunity to be one of the “cool” kids if it means compromising their values.

Pass a snack to a kid without one.

Pass the time with friends who have the same values, and treat them with love and kindness.

Pass through difficult or dangerous times that arise throughout the year.

Pass the light of Jesus to others through kindness and compassion.

There is so much more to school than just making good grades.

Helping others, being kind, learning to be responsible, making good decisions – all of these are important lessons our kids can learn at school.

So as the school year commences, let’s pray our kids will pass.

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Bambi Loveday is a mother of four, and married to her best friend. When not running her kids to various activities and sporting events, she enjoys playing the piano, painting/crafting, and writing/managing her blog Love, the Only Thing. She writes with the objective of pointing people to Jesus. Her articles have been featured on Her View From Home, God TV, The Today Show, The Today Show Parents, and Love What Matters.