Mom Spots Hole in $3 Goodwill Diaper Bag—What She Finds Inside Has Her Hunting Down the Owner

mom buys bag from goodwill

Whether it’s the photos on your phone or a memory card on the digital camera, some of our most precious memories are kept safe in a small electronic device these days.

So when Katie Connor lost the camera that carried all of those treasured moments, she was absolutely devastated.


Like most of us who misplace things over time, Katie had slipped the camera into her diaper bag and forgotten where she’d put it. Years went by, the camera was still missing and the diaper bag had been donated to a local Goodwill.

That’s where a woman named Sarah Thomas comes in.

mom buys bag from goodwill

While shopping at the thrift store, Sarah picked up and purchased what used to be Katie’s designer diaper bag for only $3. After noticing it felt heavier than she expected, Sarah fished around inside to see what was weighing it down.

mom buys bag from goodwillKTVL

A medium-sized hole torn in the pink liner housed exactly the secret treasure the bag’s original owner had been hunting out for years.

mom buys bag from goodwill

To her surprise, she found Katie’s long-lost camera! The only problem was, neither of the women knew each other.

mom buys bag from goodwillKTVL

Knowing how much the memories must have meant to someone, Sarah took to social media to find the camera’s owner. She posted a few of the photos from the memory card on Facebook, and asked others to share them in hopes of finding Katie.

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The power of connectedness is something we totally take for granted. In just one hour of her post being passed around Facebook, Sarah was able to connect with Katie.

mom buys bag from goodwillKTVL

The two met up, and ecstatic that her camera was no longer missing, Katie thanked the stranger who tracked her down.

All the praise for Sarah Thomas—recognizing the true value of her bargain store buy, and going out of her way to find its owner.

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