Grandpa Dies in a Robbery—1 Year Later, His Granddaughter Hears His Voice on This Teddy Bear

Sixteen-year-old Jennifer Ramos and her sisters, Mariana and Sarahy, endured unthinkable heartbreak when their grandfather, Florencio, died tragically in a robbery last year.

Florencio Jimenez was at a car wash when two men burst in to rob him, and he suffered a stroke as a result of the traumatic experience.

Jennifer and her little sisters could hardly bear the weight of the crushing news.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Ramos

With his inside jokes, warm hugs and belly full of laughter, grandpa was one of their best friends. And now he was gone forever.

“We’re used to having my grandpa around for the holidays,” Jennifer told BuzzFeed News. “It’s been really sad for us not having him.”

Photo Credit: Jennifer Ramos

But on Christmas Eve, nearly a year after the tragic incident, the girls received a little visit from Florencio in a way they never could have imagined.

Their aunt Andrea had teddy bears specially made for Mariana and Sarahy with their grandpa’s voice recorded inside. Each bear held an “inside joke” for the girls that grandpa filmed before he died.

As soon as Mariana pushed the button on the bear’s plush tummy, she started sobbing at the familiar sound of her beloved grandpa’s voice.


The recorded clip ended with his notorious burst of belly laughter.

“I think that’s what got them, his laugh at the end,” said Jennifer.


Since she posted the emotional video on Twitter, it has been shared by thousands who have been moved to tears over this unbelievably sweet moment that’ll just break your heart in the best way possible… 💔

Little Girl Gets Teddy With Late Grandpa’s Voice This is heartbreaking 😢

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