Grandpa Dies Before He Can Officiate Granddaughter’s Wedding—Then She Hears a Familiar Voice Over the Loud Speaker

Every girl has specific details that she plans for her wedding day. Whether it’s the color of their flowers, a family heirloom that will be sported on her bouquet, or even something as simple as the pair of earrings she’ll wear because they were her late mother’s, every bride has one wedding-day element that she’s spent her life waiting to have.

For Brittney Yost, it was always a dream to have her grandfather marry her like he did her older sister in 2015.

Unfortunately, he passed away before her special day came.

Sarah Irvin Photography

On July 22, Brittney stood across from her soon-to-be husband, Jordan, as the preacher went through the motions of the wedding ceremony.

The couple’s photographer shared what happened next, saying that of the countless weddings she’s photographed, this was “the most incredible moment” she’s ever “had the honor” of witnessing.

After committing themselves and their lives to one another, the preacher asked everyone to bow their heads in prayer.

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Suddenly a different man’s voice came across the loud speaker.

Sarah Irvin Photography

“It was the bride’s grandfather who had been called Home last year.

He prayed over them & then announced them as husband and wife.”

Needless to say, there was not a dry eye to be found at Daniel Vineyards that day.

“You may not be here on my wedding day, but in my heart you’ll always stay.”

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