WATCH: Couple Shares Footage of Ruined Wedding on TikTok After Groom’s Drink Was Spiked

grooms drink was spiked at wedding

After Brandy and Billy spoke briefly, Brandy realized Billy needed to be checked out by a nurse. And they were able to continue with the ceremony.

The resort where they were married, Parkside Resort, participated in the investigation to find out how the groom’s drink was spiked.

Parkside Resort apparently kept up with the couple, commenting on their video, “So glad we could assist!!!And so happy Billy is okay. We love you both!!!!”

According to the couple, they found out who did it and “it has been dealt with.” A TikTok user who commented under the video said that the person who spiked the groom’s drink was a family member, unfortunately.

After the event NightCap, a company that has products that prevent drinks from being laced, heard about what happened to Brandy and Billy, and they sent them drink-spiking prevention scrunchies.

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Other ways to avoid being drugged by a laced drink include a napkin developed by a George Washington University student, that tests for common date rape drugs, as well as a nail polish that does something similar.

NightCap commented under Brandy and Billy’s video, “Thank you for spreading awareness.”

The couple had plenty of sympathy from viewers of their TikTok video.

One TikTok user posted, “Who would do such a thing! I’m so sorry! Whoever did it needs to pay for a do over.”

“I need to know how we can help y’all have a redo,” another said.

And Brandy and Billy answered her saying, “Thanks for this! We really do need a redo!”

Brandy also explained that “Our poor kids were traumatized by the experience. Billy doesn’t remember anything after I walked down.”

Bethany Rae Pinkham posted, “I think this is the scariest thing I have ever seen. Brandy to keep your composure and just stable for him was amazing. You were the calm he needed.”

Brandy posted, “I knew I had to be strong for him and my kids!”

Thankfully everyone was okay, and the couple can now move on as a married couple!

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