This Guy Broke a Simple Subway Rule and Left Everyone ROTF

This crazy Coca-Cola ad from Belgium proves something deep and beautiful about humanity.

Here’s the video breakdown:

It all starts out on a quiet subway. Passengers are sleeping, reading and keeping to themselves. It’s all a little dreary, really. And a guy walks in and unfolds his tablet, and starts to watch something, but no one else knows what it is.


Soon he starts to chuckle. Then his laugh gets louder. And, as if he’s oblivious to the people around him—his chuckle turns into a full on belly laugh.

The other passengers start to look up and smile. Then, it becomes contagious. The whole subway train looks up, smiles and laughs.


It only takes a brief minute, but the laughter on the subway creates a moment—a positive moment—that they’ll never forget.

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Such a powerful reminder to stay positive, laugh out loud and share your joy with others—because it’s always contagious.

In fact, it’s tough to watch this without cracking a smile yourself. Try it out. I dare you.

And who couldn’t use some real joy right now? Am I right?

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