Guy Gets Robbed at Knifepoint, but Asks the Thief One Simple Question That Changes Everything

When you’re getting held up at knifepoint, your initial response isn’t to compliment the thief or ask them to take more than they asked for, but that’s just what happens in this little story from StoryCorps + Upworthy. Julio’s heartwarming encounter is a tribute to human kindness, breaking stereotypes and going the extra mile.

Check it out. I think you’ll like it.

*Also, if you want to dig in a little deeper, Invisibilia did an entire podcast on situations and stories like this called “Flip the Script.” Well worth a listen. In it, they discuss the psychological term called “complimentary” and how going off script from your natural instincts can have a powerful impact on your relationships.

It’s all very Sermon-on-the-Mount, when you think about it. Jesus challenges us to repay evil with good, go the extra mile and bless those who curse us. When we do those things people are blown away and don’t know how to react. That’s when we get the amazing privilege of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ—and the reason behind our crazy actions to love others.

Just a thought, but who could you flip the script on today?

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