A Group of Guys Watched a Viral Video and Decided to Change the World In a Very Simple Way

The ‘Pay It Forward’ concept just got a new name.

Fill My Basket is a charity organization that’s all about one simple act of kindness…paying for other people’s groceries. Matthew Danuser, Disty Simpson, Nick Bubb and Felix Cornejo started the organization after seeing a viral video where someone bought groceries for another person in line. It was a simple act of kindness but it stirred their spirits to action. The group started Fill My Basket in August of 2016 by pooling their money and raising a little extra on social media. However, once word got out, the organization became a quick success and donations started rolling in.

The concept is simple, really—you just show up at the grocery store, get in line, pay for the person’s bill in front of you and walk away. If you want to be a part, you can do this yourself (really, no certification required!) or you can go to and donate or volunteer.

Either way, let’s pay it forward together!

Brian Orme
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