He Does This to His Sleeping Girlfriend Every Night at 4am—& It Went Viral for the Best Reason!

Kylle Cota does the sweetest thing ever to ensure that his girlfriend Kortney gets a peaceful night’s rest despite her diabetes.

He stays up until 4am each and every day of the year just so that he can check her blood sugar.

“She doesn’t make me check it, I just do it because I worry about her constantly,” wrote Kylle. “I guess it is a little weird, but I love her.”


He says it’s no biggie because his insomnia keeps him rather sleep deprived anyway—but it’s still pretty darn admirable that he would intentionally do such a thing every night, whether sleep is calling his name or not.

I’m not sure which part is more adorable, when she lightly whines at the near wake-up and he softly shushes her to keep her in a state of rest, or when he adorably pecks her good night after he finishes up his nightly act of selfless love.

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Either way, this is pretty much the cutest! It’s the little things that count, especially when they’re done with such diligent consistency. That’s some Jesus-style love right there.

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