He Froze to Death in a Blizzard—12 Days Later, Watch What Happens As His Sister Kisses Him…

25-year-old Justin Smith was found completely unresponsive in subzero temperatures last year. He attempted to walk home in a winter storm, but he never made it to his destination.

“We’re on a scene with a 25-year-old male who was found laying in a snowbank,” reported paramedic Emmett Thomas. “All signs… lead us to believe he’s been dead for a considerable amount of time.”

His body was an icicle. His face was blue. He had no pulse. Justin was basically pronounced dead on the spot. All that was left was an official declaration by the coroner.

When Justin was brought into the hospital, one of the nurses who touched him said he felt like a concrete block of ice.

His dad shook him when he saw his lifeless son, pleading that he could not leave him—but unfortunately, there was no hopeful news for the Smiths…that is, until one doctor decided to speak up.

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Dr. Gerald Coleman felt a glimmer of hope for the young boy and said he wanted to try something. Everyone else looked at him like he had LOST his mind, but Coleman was dead set that there was a miracle in store for this young man.

In only takes the brain 3-6 minutes without oxygen for the body to shut down, and Justin had been in the cold for at least 10-12 hours. Nobody even knows how long he was without a pulse.

But Coleman new that even with such freezing trauma to the body, the organs can still be preserved, so he went to extreme measures to see if he could revive the boy that everyone else declared dead.

Dr. Coleman slowly extracted his blood to remove the CO2, and put it back in his bloodstream little by little. Over the course of 12 days, Justin’s body warmed up and he opened his eyes for the very first time! It was an absolute miracle in every sense of the word.

Now, 11 months later, Justin is out playing sports and walking the dog like nothing ever happened, and his family is forever grateful.

This charming young man was given a second chance at life all because 1 doctor decided to not give up on him.

We’d like to give this guy an honorary M.D. in Miracology, a degree that no med school can teach. It’s only reserved for those docs with crazy, out-on-a-limb hope for strangers who allow God to use modern medicine for out-of-this-world miracles.

Yup. That’s the best kinda degree you can find.

I wonder how many lives could be saved if we had more Dr. Colemans in the world stepping out in radical faith when all their peers called them crazy?

Watch Justin’s miraculous journey below.

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