He HATED Walking Her Down This Aisle—BUT 17 Years Later, He Decided to Do It Again…

5-year-old Brooke Gibson and Adrian Franklin walked down the aisle of this church 17 years ago as flower girl and ring bearer.

Brooke was crushing on the tuxed-up cutie, but Adrian was not having it.

Though he willingly took her down the red carpet, behind his toothless smirk rested the resentment for the girl cooties hanging all over his arm.


Who would have known that 17 years later, he would be asking HER to do it all over again at the same church—this time, as husband and wife.

ring bearer flower girl

But this expression of everlasting love did not come without a fight…

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“I had a crush on him from the start,” said Brooke. “He absolutely could not stand me. He said ‘I got on his nerves.’ I’d tried to play with him at school and at church and he just didn’t want much to do with me at all.”

“Any time she was trying to chase after me I was always trying to get away from her, and having to walk down the aisle with her was definitely a thing I was not looking forward to,” Adrian said in an interview with ABC News (as he cuddled up next to the formerly cootie-clad girl).

According to Brooke,“I knew that he couldn’t stand me and he hated every minute, but it didn’t bother me a bit.”

It took some time for Adrian to have a change of heart, but the North Carolina couple met again in high school where he was ministering at a church, and they have been together ever since.

Brooke made sure to play a little harder to get the second time around though.

“We would draw with our finger on each other’s backs and guess what the other person was writing,” said Adrian. “I wrote ‘Will you be my girlfriend’ and she guessed it, but didn’t answer me. I said ‘Well Brooke, are you going to say anything?’ and she said ‘Well you didn’t write a question mark.'”

“Before our wedding day I had a sign made that said ‘Will you marry me’ but I cut the question mark out,” he added. “I asked her to marry me and I said, ‘Here’s your question mark.'”

Just two weeks ago, they went for round two down the aisle of South Gastonia Church of God, where Adrian serenaded his new bride with “You are the Love of My Life.”

grown up

…It only took him 17 years to figure it out, but she always new he would come around. 😉


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