The Heartbreaking Reason Why This Man Wore a Tacky Yellow Dress to His Friend’s Funeral

Berry Delaney and Kevin Elliot fought alongside each other against the Taliban in Afghanistan. They were best friends. Along the way, they made a deal—something to keep things light in such a heavy atmosphere.

It was a dress pact: If either one of the soldiers died, the other was required to wear a loud and tacky dress to the funeral.

The Taliban killed Private Kevin Elliot in Afghanistan during an ambush.

And his best friend, Berry Delaney, made good on his promise. He slipped into a cheap yellow dress with bright pink socks and showed up at the funeral.

There may have been a few looks and awkward stares, but no one said anything about his unusual funeral attire.

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He was fulfilling a promise to a friend.

At one point, Delaney bent over to ask his friend how he liked the color of his dress and then he broke down into tears.

Helen Keller once said, “I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”

We believe this is true, and the bravery exhibited in this promise kept is a stunning tribute to the depth of friendship.

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