“I Was High as a Kite, Had Been Up for Days, & Was Out of My Mind”: Woman Recounts ‘Spiritual Awakening’ the Day She Quit Meth


“The day I stopped using meth.

That day in 2007 was a day I never saw coming. Everything was the same as every other day. I was High as a kite, had been up for days, and I was out of my mind.

What I remember.

Sitting in my living room of my low-income housing apartment. I had just bought more drugs from my dealer spending the very little money I had left in pocket.
(There goes my rent money).

Something happened.

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After loading the glass pipe with the shards of crystal meth, instead of taking the first hit, I passed to the person next to me. (Weird as I’d never give away my first hit)

In that moment.

I watched the pipe as it passed around the room, my “friends” taking hit after hit, and it was so weird but a voice I hadn’t heard before was speaking to me (in my head).

The voice was saying…

“This does not need to be your life, you can stop this, make the decision, just quit, just do it right now.”

The pipe was passed over to me.

I took it, but quickly passed it over, I then stood up, and said the words out loud.


Ultimately, I had no [freaking] idea what was happening to me while I was going through my spiritual awakening.

That was the last time I ever touched drugs.
I quit cold turkey that day.

A spiritual awakening, we literally “wake up” to life. That is exactly what happened that day.

I woke up to LIFE!!

When experiencing a spiritual awakening we begin to question our old beliefs, habits, and social conditioning, and see that there is much more to life.

Have you ever experienced a spiritual awakening? Perhaps you’re experiencing one right now? Share yours in the comments!”

**This post was written by Sarah Peeters and originally appeared on her Facebook page. 

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