Dying Teen Marries High School Sweetheart with the Help of the Hospital and His Teachers

Since he was 11, Swift Myers has been battling a severe case of Ewing’s sarcoma.

But for someone who’s been fighting cancer on and off for seven years, you’d hardly know it to look at this fun-loving guy full of life.

Facebook/Swift Myers

Like a high school sweetheart fairy tale, Swift met the love of his life, Abbi, at a friend’s 16th birthday party in the summer after their freshman year.
 Facebook/Swift Myers
“We were best friends for a little while after the birthday party and knew we liked each other, but it wasn’t until he kissed me out of nowhere while Black Friday shopping in December 2014 that we became official,” said Abbi.

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Swift has often joked around about marrying her each time the cancer came back, but Abbi never knew just how serious he really was…
…until about a month ago, when the sarcoma came back stronger than ever.
Facebook/Swift Myers
“When he proposed, I totally thought he was joking, but I realized he wasn’t when he told me to get my dad on the phone to ask his permission,” Abbi told TODAY. “My dad responded, saying, ‘There would be no greater privilege than to have him as a son-in-law.'”

Swift knew his time was running short, but there was no other way he’d rather spend the rest of his days on earth than with Abbi.

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When the nurses at Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis in Tulsa, Oklahoma, overheard the news, they wasted no time whipping together a dream wedding for the couple to be set for the next day.

One of Swift’s teachers paid for their wedding rings as a gift, and collectively, the determined team of nurses got a wedding planner, pastor and photographer ready for the big day.

The whole community came together to give these lovebirds the magical wedding they deserved.

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“They are two incredible kids, so you do everything you can to make their dreams come true,” said Swift’s history teacher, Kendra Roulet.

Facebook/Abbi Myers

“There were 100 people who showed up to witness what I thought was the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen,” she added. “I even spotted some outside peeking through the window.”

Watching the incredible ceremony for yourself in the video below:

While friends and family were fearful that Swift was nearing the end, everyone saw a renewed sense of hope and peace fill his soul as he locked eyes and exchanged vows with the woman who’s kept him strong through it all.

May their future, however long or short, be filled with endless joy and love abounding. Congrats to this happy couple!