Grandma’s EPIC Viral Freak-Out Is the Stuff of Pregnancy-Reveal Legends

Creative pregnancy and gender reveals have become quite the rising trend over the past few years, with one viral story after another making headlines.

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LONG gone are the days of “Hey Mom, I’m pregnant.”

I mean, unless you’re dropping baby-blue smoke bombs, shooting sparkly pink confetti out of a cannon, or doing some crazy twist on Jimmy Fallon’s “Whisper Challenge,” you’re clearly behind the times.

Well, what Ashley Embry’s pregnancy reveal lacked in flash and flair, her mom made up for in fanatic squeals of joy that have crowned her the Internet’s FAVORITE grandma-to-be.

Using a word game called Mad Gab, a little creativity, and a LOT of patience, Ashley coaxed her mom through countless hilarious recitations of the secret message she had written on the card.

In Mad Gab, the words strung together on the card look like nonsense, but when spoken aloud, they reveal an entirely new meaning.

The music publisher, author, and soon-to-be-mother decided to make her very own cards for one extra special game of Mad Gab prepared just for her mom, Wendy Hertzog.

On one card, Ashley wrote, “eye mag own abbey aground mow there”—which, when spoken aloud becomes “I’m gonna be a grandmother.”

Watch Wendy’s hysterically perfect reaction unfold below in one pregnancy reveal that’s too priceless to miss! 

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