His Brother Went for the Football Players, But He Had a Different Idea

The simplest little request from 6-yr-old at a college football game just went viral.

Braedon Mullins’ mom asked him and his brother if they wanted to get some autographs on their football according to Fox News.

While his older brother darted straight for the Mountaineer players, Braedon had a little bit of a different idea.

His mother, Dreama, said he was interested in a different group of superstars on the field—the West Virginia State Troopers.

Dreama posted a picture of her son’s interaction with the troopers, and it has since raided the web with nearly 3,000 shares in a few hours.

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In the post, Dreama wrote, “With all the negativity with Law Enforcement I would like to share this picture. This is my son who goes to our WVU football games to see our WV State Troopers to get their autographs because they are his true “HEROES.” Thank you to the State Troopers who made this day so special for him!”

We love to see our heroes pop up in unexpected places. 🙂