His Mom Prayed for 1,549 Days—Then She Uttered 2 Words to Her Husband & He Burst into Tears

Many women know the pain of not being able to bear a child all too well.

Such was the case for Heather Carpenter and her heartbroken husband as they prayed day and night for the child that they so desperately longed for. They even started to doubt God and question the plans He had for their lives, but that’s when the Big Guy blew their minds with an uncannily timed miracle that only He could have fashioned.

The emotional letter that she wrote her son on his due date was shared by Love What Matters, and it has touched thousands of hearts across the globe:

“Jack Atlas Carpenter, today is your due date. 60 months. That’s how long we prayed and waited to meet you face to face (including pregnancy). We struggled with infertility & disappointing news from doctors for years. We took easily several hundred ovulation & pregnancy tests, and everytime I saw that negative result my heart broke a little more. I cried an unending amount of tears. I felt heartbroken. Angry. Frustrated. Hopeless.

I often wondered what I did wrong or why God didn’t want to bless our happy marriage with the sweet bundle of joy we so longed for. I knew in my heart you were coming but I didn’t know when. Then in May, I took my now very routine home pregnancy test…but this time something was different. Two lines. Two very solid dark lines appeared. My breath got caught in my chest, my heart was pounding, & your Daddy could barely understand those two words I uttered through my blubbering mess – ‘I’m pregnant.’

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Once he did understand, he still didn’t believe it. We just stood there in the hallway & hugged and cried. My sobs were uncontrollable. So many days, weeks, months, & years of heartache, and we were finally turning a corner. You were coming.

Over the next nine months, we nested and prayed. We painted your nursery walls. We filled it with furniture, color, books & dreams. I sat in there every night, I smelled your freshly washed clothes, I looked around your room & I dreamed of who you would be. I couldn’t believe it was getting closer every day. I was really going to have a son.

You were named after my dad & my Papa Sonny – we planned that name years ago. Papa was thrilled to have you as his namesake. Unfortunately, Papa passed away one month earlier to go be reunited with DeDe. We thought you’d be born on the 12th, but you came at 1:54am on the 13th. A date that had far more significance than I could have ever imagined. My dad informed me later that day that you were born on your Papa & Dede’s wedding anniversary. It was their first anniversary they spent in heaven together & the first day we spent on earth with you.

God had a big beautiful plan all along. Why did I ever doubt him? Now, today is your due date but God blessed us with two extra weeks with you. You’re warm & cozy and sleeping on my chest right now. I love hearing your every breath & your giggles while you sleep. I love seeing your big grins. I love your red hair, full lips & blue eyes. I love how much more I fall in love with your Daddy each day when I see him rush home to hold & rock his boy. He loves you so & so do I. Happy due date, sweet Jack. You are here. You are loved. And you were worth every bit of the wait.

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