‘Hold It All Loosely’: Messy Christian Mom Writes Riveting Message We Can’t Afford to Ignore

“Hold it all loosely.

That’s the key to this life.

Don’t try to grab onto it and fight with it. Just hold it loosely in your hand. Your family. Your job. Your friends. All your possessions.

For what God gives, He can take away. What’s here now can be gone later today.
Let it slip through your fingers for as long as it stays.

Appreciate the here and now. How everything is so very fragile.

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Soak in the laughter. Feel every tear. For it’s all very short.

Study it and learn from it. Let it grow you deep and wide. So, when it’s over you’ll have something to hang onto. Something intangible that can’t be taken away.

Hold it all loosely. Offering it up to God with continual thanks and praise. Because it has all been a gift from day one. But there are no souvenirs for the taking. Only those you hold in your heart.

Oh, you can stomp your feet. You can be angry. But, don’t live there. You can’t bully life. For it is fleeting and nothing was meant to hang around for too long.

Hold it all loosely. But hang onto the one thing that holds it all together, here and in the hereafter. Hang onto Him who forever hangs onto you. The One who forever secures us and who will one day tie up all our loose ends.”

**This post was written by Sherry of The Messy Christian and originally appeared on her Facebook page. See more from The Messy Christian here

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