Homeless Mother of 3 Gets Surprise of a Lifetime on Undercover Boss

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, it can feel impossible to keep your head above water. It’s a feeling that Angel, a single mother of three, knows all too well.

She’s worked hard her entire life. Her optimistic and outgoing personality would never lead you to guess the that she lives an incredibly difficult life. During her final pregnancy, Angel fell into homelessness. Despite losing her home, and raising three children without a roof over their head, Angel found ways to lift others up and always encourage those around her to work hard and do their best.

Angel believed she was training a new employee, Joey. And in an attempt to help him better adjust, she unknowingly shared her difficult times with the CEO of her company. With three children under the age of four, Angel had been living in a homeless shelter in New York.

“It doesn’t matter though, I don’t want you to feel sad for me,” Angel says. “It was worse than that. We slept at bus stops, we’ve been where we didn’t have money to eat. But things get better. As long as you have that drive in you.”

It’s that bright outlook and welcoming demeanor that led undercover boss, and CEO of Modell’s Sporting Goods, Mitchell B. Modell, to do something we never saw coming.

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The CEO shed some tears hearing her story, and later told camera crews, “I’m the one who decides how much our associates are paid, and to think that one of our associates is homeless makes me sick.”

At the end of the episode, after revealing his true identity to Angel, Mitchell Modell offered her a job as Assistant Manager and a $14,000 raise. Then, just when she thought her life had already been turned upside down, he gave her a check for $250,000 so that she and her kids could leave the shelter and buy a house. “I want you to move out of the shelter immediately,” he said.

You’ve got to see Angel’s reaction for yourself, because it left our hearts leaping out of our chests!

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