Newly Divorced? Hope After Divorce for the Single Man or Woman

If you’re divorced… or going through the process… you, like myself have hope after divorce for all things new… for beautiful things to happen around the next corner… promises for good and for all the sorrows and pain of yesterday to fade away like an old photograph. If you find yourself struggling as one who is newly divorced, here are some encouragements for you.

There is hope for the newly divorced.

If you’re newly divorced, I hope so many things for you… some that may happen today, tomorrow, next week or next year. I hope you know the electricity of meeting someone new again… someone that makes you tingle with excitement and yet you feel at ease with… someone with whom you have an unspoken understanding that lets you know you each just “get each other.”

Hope After Divorce

I hope after divorce, you are willing to open your heart to someone and let them in… to let them curl up and know all the nooks and crannies within… the pain, the beauty, the hurts and the joys. I hope you are willing to let them see your love shine outward… that they see how much love you have to give.

I hope you push your doubts away and know what whatever rules or limitations you’ve set on love… whatever restrictions of this or that you’ve found yourself setting or maybe not even realized… know that someone above is ready to prove you wrong… to show that yes, love can be yours when you’re newly divorced, and that you don’t have to subscribe to a life without someone special to share it with.

I hope you wake up one day to someone’s heartbeat against your back… beating in sync to yours… whispered breaths on your ear and a delicate warmth on your neck… I hope for joyful mornings and sweet romantic goodnights… I hope for a satisfying connection of genuine selflessness between you and the one you love.

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I hope after divorce, you will go to sleep each night with a smile on your lips, divine favor washing over you and heavenly dreams as your head rests atop your pillow. I hope you can sleep well knowing that who lies beside you loves you with their whole heart…. their entire body and soul. I hope you can rest knowing you have nothing to fear and your battles are already won.

I hope you will be surrounded with those who remind you that you are lovely, you are brave, you are beautiful and they show you each day how truly irreplaceable you are. Don’t let “newly divorced” be a label. All those voices within that have beat you down during this process of change will fall away and be replaced with truths… I am worthy. I am His. My hope is you will be transformed.

I hope that whoever you’re with one day knows you like the back of their hand in a world that struggles to know anyone… I hope that you are protected and sought after in a way that’s best for you… I hope you are known like the tune of a familiar sweet melody and prayed for without hesitation.

I hope, if you’re newly divorced, you will forgive the past but not ever forget what it’s taught you or what has been done. I hope you can take those lessons and use them to make the next chapter better and brighter than the last.

I hope the person who will one day walk beside you will also walk in truth, in bare vulnerability and grace. I hope they use their power for good… for lifting up not pushing away or hurting.

I hope for strength on the days you want to give up and patience when you want to hurry. I hope you admit when you’re wrong, hold back what could wound and share what you love. I hope you have wisdom and rest when life is challenging you beyond your limits.

I hope, if you are newly divorced, you remember that God is directing your steps… He is with you the entire way… guiding your path, taking your arm, carrying you when needed… cupping your chin with love when you forget who you are.

I hope you will never forget that love, sweet love is always worth it. Because with love comes the awesome ability to be yourself… to be you. The you that God knows and loves. May I remind you to always always be yourself… never try to hide who you are. There is someone in store for you that will love you for you.

I hope after divorce, you always see God for who He is… a beacon. A beacon of hope in a fallen, often dark world… beckoning you to Him. He has wonderful things in store for you… fret not… He’s here, He knows… and He’s listening to the silent song that plays in your heart… one of hurt, maybe betrayal, rejection and  pain… He hears every note and He’s ready to play a new one… of sweet, sweet glorious victory.

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